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Over 12 years of experience and close partnerships with several manufacturers Do-Rite is specialized in the upgrade of industrial equipment and any related spare parts.


Do-Rite can review your current operational process and help you with ANY manufacturing needs! 

We can help you to reduce your manufacturing costs and process optimization; upgrade your current equipment and still get a better performance.


Also, having spare parts on hand nowadays can reduce the associated stress of machine downtime and loss of production. 


Do-Rite is an expert when it comes to supplying spare part for your plant – over several years, at the right time and with the right quality. Having the right spare parts is the key element for the availability of your plant.


We develop and provide innovative customized solutions for spare parts concepts according to your requirements and plant needs! Our company will bring innovative solutions aimed at improving your plant performance and reducing equipment downtime. You will receive state of the art parts with guaranteed functionality.

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Electrical Disconnect and Control Panel.
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